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For 56 years, the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association has stood as an advocate and resource for and on behalf of Long Island's public schools and boards of education. Our boards of education have long-recognized that Long Island has something worth protecting and  united as an Association to take the lead in order to preserve that which has made our region strong - a place where quality public schools are acknowledged as key to a desirable lifestyle and vibrant economy.  

Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association represents the interests of Long Island's school districts and is the recognized voice of school boards in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Whether of federal, state or county origin, N-SSBA routinely seeks out issues impacting Long Island schools and takes action, be it through research, advocacy, communications with lawmakers or serving as a media resource.  The Association is an established presence in Albany, Washington and our County governments.  

N-SSBA has created collaborative relationships with educational, service and business organizations in order to promote and ensure support for the unique needs of this region.  We join forces with our state and national associations on broader issues confronting public education.

N-SSBA collaborates with organizations that comprise the Long Island education community.  As an advocate for public education, and more specifically, for the needs of Long Island school districts, N-SSBA is a prominent participant in numerous statewide and regional coalitions.

Long Island's hard-earned reputation for quality public schools is an enduring legacy passed on with the expectation that successive generations would forever build and rebuild upon an established strong foundation.  On behalf of Long Island's locally elected boards of education, Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association has proudly taken on the responsibility for protecting that legacy.  IF NOT US, WHO?




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